Editorial Staff

Essays in History is the annual journal of the Corcoran Department of History at the University of Virginia. The journal is edited and managed entirely by graduate students at the University of Virginia.

The Editorial Staff of Essays in History, Volume 53 (2020) includes:

Connor Kenaston

Daniel Sunshine
Managing Editor

Crystal Luo
Associate Editor, Production and Design

Elena Symmes
Associate Editor, Articles

Amy Fedeski
Associate Editor, Articles

T.C.A. Achintya
Associate Editor, Articles

Alice King
Associate Editor, Articles

Nick Scott
Associate Editor, Articles

Brianna Kirk
Associate Editor, Articles

Mina Lee
Associate Editor, Book Reviews

Kevin Caprice
Associate Editor, Book Reviews

Past Editorial Staff:

Editor-in-Chief, Emeritus

Abeer Saha, 2017-2019

Alexi Garrett, 2015-2017

Frank W. Garmon Jr., 2012-2015

Emily Senefeld, 2011-2012

Daniel I. Wasserman-Soler, 2008-2011

Executive Editor, Emeritus

Peter C. Luebke, 2011-2012

Andrew Meade McGee, 2008-2011

Managing Editor, Emeritus

Nicole Schroeder, 2018-2019

Brian Neumann, 2017-2018

William B. Kurtz, 2010-2012

Book Reviews Associate Editor, Emeritus

Daniel Sunshine, 2018-2019

Nicole Schroeder, 2016-2018

Ariel Cohen, 2016-2017

Monica Blair, 2016-2017

Abeer Saha, 2015-2016

Rebecca Green, 2012-2013

Willa Hammitt Brown, 2011-2012

Kristen McCabe Lashua, 2011-2012

William B. Kurtz, 2011-2012

Peter C. Luebke, 2008-2011

Emily Matson, 2017-2018

Articles Associate Editor, Emeritus

Rebecca Robinson, 2018-2019

Rosa Hamilton, 2017-2019

Connor Kenaston, 2018-2019

Brian Neumann, 2015-2017

Evan McCormick, 2011-2013

Frank W. Garmon Jr., 2011-2012

Asaf Almog, 2015-2016

Stephanie Lawton, 2017-2018

Senior Articles Editor, Emeritus

Alexi Garrett, 2018-2019

Technical Editor, Emeritus

Nick Scott, 2018-2019

New Media Associate Editor, Emeritus

Cecilia Marquez, 2012-2013

Elizabeth Ladner Martz, 2011-2012

Emily Senefeld, 2010-2011

Loren Moulds, 2008-2011

Institutional Outreach Associate Editor, Emeritus

Andrew Meade McGee, 2011-2012

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