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Essays in History, Vol. 52, 2019

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A Hybrid Emerges in Pursuit of Dynastic Goals: Principles of Child-Rearing and Pedagogy in the Florentine Household of Cosimo I de’ Medici by Dana Hogan (Duke University)

Crafting Knowledge of the Mughal Empire in Samuel Purchas’s Hakluytus Posthumus and Seventeenth-Century English Travel Accounts by Madeline Grimm (University of California Los Angeles)

Historiographical Essays:

An Origin Story Revisited: A Historiography of Nineteenth-Century Central Park by Ela Miljkovic (University of Houston)


Civilizing Torture: An American Tradition reviewed by Samuel Watts (The University of Melbourne)

Resisting Equality: The Citizens’ Council, 1954-1989 reviewed by Marie C. Totten (The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville)

Japan’s Imperial Underworlds : Intimate Encounters at the Borders of Empire reviewed by Lu Tian (University of Oxford)

Growing Up with the Country: Family, Race, and Nation after the Civil War reviewed by Moyra Schauffler (Villanova University)

Forgetful Remembrance: Social Forgetting and Vernacular Historiography of a Rebellion in Ulster reviewed by Bryan McClure (Western University)

Traumatic Defeat: POWs, MIAs, and National Mythmaking reviewed by Liu Zhaokun (Carnegie Mellon University)

Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom reviewed by Will Hodge (Georgia State University)

The Indian World of George Washington: The First President, the First Americans, and the Birth of the Nation reviewed by Seth Harden (University of Memphis)

Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America reviewed by James Barney (University of Memphis)

The Limits of Loyalty: Ordinary People in Civil War Mississippi reviewed by Jeffrey Glossner(University of Mississippi)

Colonial Complexions: Race and Bodies in Eighteenth-Century America reviewed by Thomas Brown (Virginia Wesleyan University)

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