2013 Issue

Essays in History, Vol. 46, 2013

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Imperial International Law: Elihu Root and the Legalist Approach to American Empire by Erik A. Moore (University of Oklahoma)

Modernization Versus Preservation in Paris During the Gaullist Era: A Tale of Two Cities by Scott Allen Kasten (Johns Hopkins University)

Myths Laid to Rest: Death, Burial, and Memory in the American South by Kristen D. Burton (University of Texas at Arlington)

Personality Testing in the Thirties and the Problem of the Individual in American “Mass” Society by David A. Varel (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Historiographical Essays:

Dubious Victories: Refighting the War of 1812 by Thomas Sheppard (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Diverging Paths: Strom Thurmond and Henry Wallace’s Third-Party Presidential Campaigns and their Influence on Postwar Politics by Michael Murphy (Mississippi State University)

Making the New Right From Above and Below by Justin Gomer (University of California, Berkeley)

Beyond the Borderland: The Hardening of the United States-Mexican Border during the Twentieth Century by Andrew. J. Forney (The United States Military Academy)

The New Robber Barons? by Christopher England (Georgetown University)

“How and in what balance weigh John Brown?”: The Current State and Future of John Brown Historiography by Evan C. Rothera (Pennsylvania State University)

Beyond Bulldozers and Housewives: Rethinking Renewal in a Post-Renewal Age by Stephen Nepa (Temple University)


A Cultural History of the Atlantic World, 1250–1820 reviewed by Zachary Wingerd (Baylor University)

Empire and Underworld: Captivity in French Guiana reviewed by Erica Foss (Boston College)

Fear Itself: The New Deal and the Origins of Our Time reviewed by Andrew J. Forney (The United States Military Academy)

Hegel and the Third World: The Making of Eurocentrism in World History reviewed by Lawrence W. McMahon (Georgetown University)

Help Me to Find My People: The African American Search for Family Lost in Slavery reviewed by Pearl J. Young (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Hitler’s Volksgemeinschaft and the Dynamics of Racial Exclusion: Violence against Jews in Provincial Germany, 1919-1939 reviewed by Elizabeth Perry (University of Missouri-Kansas City) 

John F. Kennedy reviewed by Jeff Roquen (Lehigh University)

Memories of Conquest: Becoming Mexicano in Colonial Guatemala reviewed by Dionna Richardson (University of Akron)

Money and Power in Anglo-Saxon England: The Southern English Kingdoms, 757-865 reviewed by Jeremy L. Piercy (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

New Approaches to Resistance in Brazil and Mexico reviewed by Gray F. Kidd (James Madison University)

Only Muslim: Embodying Islam in Twentieth-Century France reviewed by Elise Franklin (Boston College)

Racial Uplift and American Music, 1878-1943 reviewed by Aaron Pride (Kent State University)

Radicals in Power: The New Left Experience in Office reviewed by Holly Scott (American University)

Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith: Religion in American War and Diplomacy reviewed by D.H. Dilbeck (University of Virginia)

The Abolitionist Imagination reviewed by Frank J. Cirillo (University of Virginia)

The Battlefield and Beyond: Essays on the American Civil War reviewed by Robert W. Sidwell (Kent State University)

The Business of Empire: United Fruit, Race, and U.S. Expansion in Central America reviewed by Aaron Coy Moulton (University of Arkansas)

The Eighteen Day Running Mate: McGovern, Eagleton and A Campaign In Crisis reviewed by Laurence Jurdem (Fordham University)

The Making of Black Detroit in the Age of Henry Ford reviewed by Sara K. Eskridge (Louisiana State University)

The Pennsylvania Associators, 1747-1777 reviewed by Patrick W. Cecil (University of Alabama)

To Free a Family: The Journey of Mary Walker reviewed by Kenneth T. McFadyen (Emory & Henry College)

“Grossly Material Things”: Women and Book Production in Early Modern England reviewed by Valerie Schutte (University of Akron)


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