2009 Issue

Essays in History, Vol. 42, 2009

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The Trial of Louis Gaufridy: Possession, Heresy, and the Devil’s Mark, 1609-1611 by Caroline Q. Spence (University of Virginia)

Origins of the Lost Cause: The Continuity of Regional Celebration in the White South, 1850-1872 by Mathew A. Speiser (University of Virginia)

An Army so Provoked?: Popular Print and the Language of Radicalization in the New Model Army, 1647 by Jason Eldred (University of Virginia)

Historiographical Essays:

On the Margins: A Historiography of Modernity in Southern Arabia reviewed by Daren Ray (University of Virginia)


Worries of the Heart: Widows, Family, and Community in Kenya reviewed by Jared Staller (University of Virginia)

The China Diary of George H.W. Bush: The Making of a Global President reviewed by James Wilson (University of Virginia)

All Can be Saved: Religious Tolerance and Salvation in the Iberian Atlantic World reviewed by Daniel Wasserman Soler (University of Virginia)


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